Beach Vacation

Living in Philly, it’s traditional to visit the Jersey shore at least once a summer.  My family hadn’t been in a decade, though, so we decided to rectify that this past week.

I’m not much of a beach person anymore — I love the ocean, but an hour of lounging on the sand is plenty for me.  I’m a little uncomfortable with the level of tan-ness I have achieved, in fact.  I hardly recognize myself right now.

Luckily we found lots of other things to do (in spite of the rain, which came and went nearly every day):  we went running on the boardwalk, hiking through dunes, shopping, searching for shells, hunting for a seafood place that wasn’t mediocre, and we cooked up a storm in our rental’s surprisingly well-equipped kitchen.

But now my question is this:  what do I do with all of these?!

I’m incapable of not picking up things that happen to have an interesting shape or texture — especially natural objects.  Call it the sculptor’s disease.  Now I have pounds of seashells, and I have to come up with an interesting way of displaying them in the house.  What do you think?  Bottle them?  Sort them by color?  Hot glue them to something?  (Kidding about that last part.  I promise that this blog will remain tacky craft project-free.  Please don’t unfollow me.)


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