Ikea Hack(saw)

It’s been a busy week. Worked my real job Monday-Saturday, worked my part-time job on Sunday, and stole a few hours Sunday afternoon to work on this bookshelf project. I have a funky 23″ wide alcove in my home office that came with a metal bracket storage system from the Home Depot… you know, this crap:

Except my variation included plywood shelves wrapped in adhesive paper. With a daisy motif. They had to go.

23″ turns out to be a really weird size to work with, so after hours of googling around for the perfect piece of furniture I gave up and hacked a couple of IKEA shelves apart — literally. REXBO shelves must be the only IKEA item that comes almost fully built. I had to saw a set of them apart to join them up with a second set. But hacking out that fourth rail saved me exactly the inch and a half I needed.

REXBO before:

Double REXBO:

It’s a little stuffed right now ’cause it’s the only bookcase I have use of at the moment, and I got a little carried away when I started cracking open my old boxes of educational goodies. When the living room is finished, I hope to move the collection of art books (and there are many more!) downstairs.

But this is a start! I’m wondering if I should paint the inside of the alcove a fun color, just to spruce the room up a bit. I did snag a cute little rug (for $7.99!) on my IKEA trip; it’s tough to see from this tiny picture, but it’s white with random colors woven in every third layer or so. I like how it plays on the different colors of the book spines.


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3 Responses to Ikea Hack(saw)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Those are very well-hacked shelves. Nicely done. And artistic to boot!This is Melanie posting under Anonymous because I can never remember my password. I’m going to abbreviate that to: TIMPUABICNRMP.

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